Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Wito kwa Vijana Wote Watanzania: Zamu Yetu Kuliongoza Taifa Imefika - Kamota

Mr. Kilian Muya Kamota
Wito kwa Vijana Wote Watanzania: Zamu Yetu Kuliongoza Taifa Imefika

The Kilian Kamota’s Call to All Tanzanian Youth: Our Turn to Lead the Nation is Now.

By Kilian Muya Kamota

The task is ours, the Tanzanian youth, to decide the future and the fate of our Nation. Our fathers, the first generation of leaders, have done their part; they fought political colonialism and afforded us the political independence. The time has come for them to pass on the torch to us, so we can fight for socio-economic independence. We must show up, accept the torch and lead our Nation into new horizons. The future of Tanzania is in our hands – the Tanzanian youth. This is the task we cannot ignore; this is the task we cannot pass to someone else. It is our task, it is our duty. The question is what are we going to do about it? Are we going to show up for this noble task? Are we going to report for duty? Or are we going to let our Nation stray into wilderness and chaos without leadership? Are we going to decide the fate of our own future or are we going to let few politicians decide our fate and our future?

Our fathers – the first generation of leaders – have grown old. Their actions and leadership can attest to that. The time has come for them to pass on the torch and for us to take the realm. Let us help them retire in peace as we take over the noble task of leading our nation.

Letter to the First Generation of Leaders – Good Bye and Good Luck

On behalf of all Tanzanian youths’, i wish to express sincere gratitude to our fathers – the first generation of leaders – for all the hard work and dedication to our Nation. Your hard work and efforts is truly appreciated, it will not be forgotten and will not perish in vain. We will always cherish all that you were able [and not able] to achieve. And to that end, we want to wish you good health and good luck as you retire in peace. Please take on your new task of advising the new generation and

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tuheshimu busara ya wazee wetu.

Ghost of Mwalimu said...

Kilian, we have had some great leaders in Tanzania. Not all of them have been acknowledged. Because of Mwalimu even mtoto wa mkulima got an education and may people are where they are now because of that probably even you. The real problem is not lack of leadership but greed, uchu wa madaraka. We need more dedicated leaders instead of people onnly interested in benefitting themself.

Anonymous said...

Lilian Muya Kimota, kwenye vyuo vikuu na mahakama kuu za nchi nyingi, the older the dons and learned brothers and sisters, the better quality education and justice, respectively. Na hili pia linahusu fani ya utabibu.

Swali: Kwa nini katika siasa ni kinyume?

Kama una jibu la busara, basi tatizo lipo hapo na ni lazima tuliangalie na kulidhibiti, ama sivyo?