Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Afisa Uhamiaji Asimamishwa Kazi Kwa Kukaa Vibaya Kazini!

JEDDAH: Saudi authorities arrested a local airport officer after social networks published a picture of the man showing him in a “rude sitting position” while checking the passports of passengers, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The picture, which was captured by a Saudi passenger at the airport in Jeddah, showed the uniformed officer giving his back to the passengers as he sat on the desk and his legs rested on a chair.

Newspapers had earlier said the unnamed officer was suspended this week after the photograph triggered online criticism by hundreds of viewers.

“The passport officer was ordered arrested after his suspension this week ... the director of the passports department ordered his arrest for questioning about his behavior and uncivilized way of sitting,” the Arabic language daily Arar said.


The Saudi Immigration Sitting in a Rude Position


Anonymous said...

Yaani legelege kabisa!

Anonymous said...

Kama ingekuwa ni Bongo, huyu angepandishwa cheo.

Anonymous said...

Lazy sod! Such nasty ATTITUDE, and lack of respect! He deserved getting fired from his job.