Friday, January 09, 2015

Watoto wa marehemu Godfrey Rupia Wana Uchungu na Majungu yanaongolewa juu yao!

Wadau, marehemu Godfrey Rupia (53) alifariki dunia, mjini Dar es Salaam mwezi Desemba. Marehemu alikuwa na watoto wawili hapa Boston, ambao kwa sasa wana miaka 18 na 17. Wako Chuo Kikuu na High School kwa sasa.  Marehemu aliondoka hapa USA kurudi Tanzania, na aliacha mke na watoto. Hatimaye, marehemu alioa mke mwingine Tanzania, na mke wake hapa aliolewa tena.  Watoto wamekuwa na uchungu sana na maneno yalioyosemwa juu ya mama yao na wao kutokwenda Tanzania kwenye mazishi ya baba yao.  Wamenitumia maoni yao na kuniomba nibandike hapa Swahili Time na kusambaza hasa kwa waliopotoshwa juu ya hali ilivyokuwa.

Kwa wasiojua, marehemu alisaida waTanzania na waafrika wengi sana waliokuja kuanza maisha Marekani.  Mungu alilaze roho ya marehemu mahala pema mbinguni. Amen.


We have remained silent to see how things would play out and WE ARE SPEECHLES! It has come to our attention that certain assumptions have been made involving the recent death of our father, Godfrey Rupia, and, the decisions made thereafter. Unfortunately our father did indeed pass and what else is also unfortunate is the uprising of drama from fellow Tanzanians in the community and abroad.

First of all lets start of the idea that my sister and I were suppose to leave to Tanzania in the middle of school on such a short notice. We were in no way prepared to travel outside of the country and clearly it wasn't that important to come to us directly and tell us. The whole idea of the trip was impractical and unplanned. And my sister and I decided against it ourselves because of our own reasoning and my parents stood by it.

Now to the Rupia's.... Since you seem to talk a lot to everyone besides your nieces and nephews directly who were the children of your own brother I guess we will speak to you through this. You guys have never consulted us on a single detail of what fundraising or to what the so called "plans" you have seemed to come up with. It seems that you indeed held fundraisers and services. Now we are just wondering whatever happened to that money? Who is holding it? What is your scheme in dealing with it??? To us it seems like you care more about the look of the situation than what is actually going on, and instead of mourning the death of our father you decide to diminish my family's name. You think that it's our mother who is holding us back from coming over to you guys? HELLLL NO! We are adults damn it! Since when did you care about our well being? We have rarely talked to you besides seeing you guys at different events and each time there seems to be some sort of empty promise every time we leave (us knowing time after time that it's utterly bullshit but we didn't complain).

We have been on our own with our mother and father without you guys and we have been doing just fine, and we wouldn't want it any other way. If you really cared about us then why were we not told about the seriousness of our fathers illness? Why was there never help financially? Not even an invite to go out or come to important events in our lives? And now that we are adults you care? We are sickened to hear that you believe that you are in the right and decide to trash our parents name. You are foolish for doing so and we are tired of your nonsense. I mean honestly some of the names I hear trashing our families name like the Rupia's,William Malecela you guys must honestly be outside of your mind to be running your mouths the way you are. You are children living in an adult body and as my Uncle James said; "you are a coward" and no coward should be the one running their mouth about a my hard working family and you should probably take of your own damn life before you go on discussing other peoples especially my family's. You guys do not care about us you just see the opportunity to tear "us" down and will say anything to do so and I say us because if you talk about any of my family that involves me and if so we are going to have a problem. I wish one of you had the balls to call me or come and talk to us face to face and say what you have been saying because I am 100% positive that you wouldn't be saying what you have been saying to us because that is not what weak and cowardly people do and that is exactly what you guys are Rupia's in Boston, and the rest of the penut gallery you disgust me and my family and I have no room for that in my life and neither does my family. They're are numerous events in the past of which we are aware of where you have shown your ugly sides and showed signs of no care and sympathy towards me and my family and we have no room for it.

To our dear friends in the Tanzanian community that have fed into the lies and the trash talk. How long have you known us? You have been our support system especially in the times when my mother was raising us on our own. And now I ask how long have you known the people who have been telling you these untruthful and childish stories? Some of you guys have seemed to congregate with others who are untruthful about what is actually going and seem to spread the lies yourself. Now this one really hits us pretty hard because we thought that we were pretty much like family and no matter what happens we would all stick together but apparently this is not the case. So some of you decide to confront my mother?! And say terrible things to her and behind her back?! How dare you! After everything we have been through? Some of you are almost as bad as the Rupia's right now and that gets us very very upset. When I come back from school and hear of this terrible news it hit me hard to the core. You know who you are and I am not going to say your names but you should be ashamed you should be very very ashamed about what has been said and done. Everything that my sister and I have done thus far has been our own decision making and our parents have stood by what we have decided and you attack them. I wish just one of you guys came directly to us or called me to actually see what was going on. Not even giving my family the benefit of the doubt but believing the lies directly and that disgusts me.

You ride on your high horses as if nothing you have done is wrong and that is absolute bullshit and not believing us is also bullshit and if you seem to carry on with your beliefs maybe we should not carry on this so called relationship that you guys fake with us because a real family friend would not disregard us for the belief of illegitimate lies. My sister and I could not go to Tanzania in the middle of school. I was finishing my first semester of school and I wasn't letting Delois do this by herself. We have been here all vacation we have seen some of you in church and you don't even say anything? And you know what that is perfectly fine. In growing up in my short 18 years of life I have come to find that friends come and go but family remain forever and as long as I have them there is no need for any lying hypocrites who seem to have forgotten who we are and that is alright with us believe me. In conclusion, before you go running your mouth find out what is true and what is not because a lot of you have put yourselves in a very tough position.

And from me personally; " I beg you confront me in person about your irrational stupidity so that I can straighten some of you out, and if you still believe in these backstabbing illegitimate rumors you can do my family and yourself a favor by never speaking to us again. We have been on our own before and nothing will have changed if you decide not to be around in the future. I hope that you can live with what little conscience a lot of you have because some of the things you have been saying is borderline evil and my family and I have no room for your bullshit! Thank you to all those who have remained loyal towards my family and have sincerely reached out and stood up for us while we remained quiet. We have seen everyone's true colors and in the midst of the ugliness going on we are thankful to know who our true friends and family are If you people continue to cause havoc I please insist on you trying me.

Thank you for reading

- Edward & Delois MWAIPUNGU Rupia

The Late Godfrey Rupia 1961-2014


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very COMPLICATED story... I couldn't understand any of it. All the same, REST IN PEACE GODFREY RUPIA.

Anonymous said...

I do understand what the kids are going through at this time since their bread winner, the foundation of the family is gone, sorry for all of this. However, the approach used to address the issue is not correct. It sound like a family issue which needed to be solved within the family circles and not to be published in media as it is now. It will not help much, however, it will create more problems between the children of the deceased and other family members which is not good. The children might say come what may, but we're Africans, we should not forget this.

Anonymous said...

Forgiveness is a great virtue!

This applies here: United we stand; divided we fall.

Rest in Peace Mr Rupia.