Monday, September 13, 2010

Msiba wa Mama Elizabeth Mwakasisi, Michigan

To Tanzanians and Friends,

On behalf of the family of Frank and Elizabeth Mwakasisi, I would like to inform you that the Mwakasisi family plans the funeral service for their beloved wife and mother on Saturday September 18, 2010 in Portage, Michigan. The funeral service will start with visitation, followed by memorial service, burial service and reception to celebrate Elizabeth's life. Please stay tuned for updates when the program for the day becomes available.

I would also like to update you on the status of fund collections and contributions towards the Elizabeth Mwakasisi Memorial Fund.

The target date for collections towards the Elizabeth Mwakasisi Memorial Fund of September 2nd has passed but we have not yet reached the set goal of funds for the burial services for our beloved Elizabeth Mwakasisi and pertinent matters thereof. I therefore, once again, urge every Tanzanian and friends of the Mwakasisi family to give generously to meet the goal of resting Elizabeth in peace. A new tentative target date of Monday September 13th has been set to raise the balance of these funds.

The Elizabeth Mwakasisi Memorial Fund account details are as follows:

Account Name: Elizabeth Mwakasisi Memorial Fund
Bank name: JP Morgan Chase Bank
Bank Routing Number: 072000326
Bank Account: 901651562
Bank Location: Portage, Michigan

You can contribute to the Elizabeth Mwakasisi Memorial Fund using of the following options:
1) Account to account transfer if you have a Chase Bank account
2) Deposit into the account at a local Chase Bank if you happen to have a Chase Bank branch near you.
3) Wire transfer from your bank account from anywhere in the world.

You can also contribute by:
1) Contributing online using a personal or business check by visiting
2) Contributing using PayPal by sending money to

You can also contribute via Western Union from anywhere in the world. Send funds to the treasurer Emmanuel Turuka and email the control number, your name, phone and country you’re sending from to

You can also contribute by check or money order in US Dollars payable to Elizabeth Mwakasisi Memorial Fund and send it to:

Elizabeth Mwakasisi Memorial Fund
6484 Independence Dr.
Portage, MI 49024

For more information or updates, please contact any of the following family members:
1) Rev. Dr. Edwin Misigaro @ (309) 256-1254 or emisigaro@yahoo.com2) Dr. Lennard Tenende @ (713) 540-6355 or lennard.tenende@cilicorp.com3) Saul Mwakatapanya @ (630) 881-1782 or
4) Emmanuel Turuka @ (269) 873-2750 or
5) Rev. Dr. Aba Mpesha @ (616) 717-2337 or abampesha@yahoo.com6) Dr. Exaud Koka @ (630) 303-6585 or enkoka@yahoo.com7) Rev. Dr. Norbert Mwitula (773) 886-2228 or mwitulan@yahoo.com8) Apostle Robert Kagumba @ (269) 903-6465 or
You can reach the Mwakasisi family to comfort them after such a big loss of their loved one by email at or by phone at (269) 321-9900 or by snail mail at:
Frank Mwakasisi
6484 Independence Dr.
Portage, MI 49024

Saul Mwakatapanya
Tanzanian Community Association
Midwest USA, NFP (TCA)

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