Saturday, September 10, 2011

Picha za Ajali ya MV Spice Islander Septemba 10, 2011

The ship/ferry MV Spice Islander sank in choppy waters off the coast of Zanzibar this morning, Saturday, September 10, 2011. Here are some photos from various websites. It started its journey in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania then went to Zanzibar and way on its way to Pemba Island when it met its fate.

May the souls of the deceased Rest in Eternal Peace. Amen.

Hii ndo Meli MV Spice Islander. Picha hii ilipigwa mwaka 2007 ikiwa Zanzibar.

                                                   Survivors cling to a mattress
                                        Survivors spent seven hours in the water before being rescued.
                                     A man carries his deceased loved one
Survivor being taken for treatment
President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania and President Dr. Shein of Zanzibar view bodies of children who died in the MV Spice Islander tragedy

Child Survivor being taken to shore

Zanzibar President Dr. Shein holds Press Conference on Ship Sinking

The bodies of Young children are brought to shore
Zanzibar President Dr. Shein assists in treating a Survivor
Body of Survivor is Brought to Shore

MV Spice Islander Survivors on a Life Boat waiting to be rescued

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richiejules said...

...dah!.. May the soul of the Deceased rest in Eternal Peace..! Inasikitisha sana.nasikitisha sana.