Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tribute to the Late James Mwakisyala

 I worked with the Late James Mwakisyala during my early days at Daily News. He was a good man, he taught me a lot about journalism and life.  Rest in Peace dear James!


The late James Mwakisyala 1948-2012


East Africa: James Mwakisyala Was a Great Man!


The region has been robbed of an ace! James Mwakisyala, Editor, Writer, Manager, Publicist, Father, Humorist and Friend. Much of what East African Business Week is in Tanzania, can be attributed to him.
If he was a soldier, he would have been described as "An officer and a Gentleman." But yes, he was one!
James, as we fondly called him, died at a 'tender' age of 64 at his home in Dar last week. He began his career in the late 60's and grew to be a prolific and seasoned writer. He traversed all media experiences in both print and broadcasting.
An avid reader and writer, he became a bastion of knowledge, information and insight. A great fan and admirer of the Late President Julius Kambarage Nyerere, James could elucidate anything from pre-colonial East Africa, the Zanzibar Revolution to the Arusha Declaration with such clarity and finesse that you didn't want him to stop speaking.
He was also very knowledgeable of local and international issues, having worked in Zambia, South and West Africa, Canada and at the United Nations in New York.
Everyone who worked with him will tell you he was a joy and a treasure to be with. The Tanzanian journalist and academic fraternity have described him as a mentor, tutor, counsel, coach and leader 'Par Excellence'. His method of work and principles of delivery were done with was honesty, integrity, tact, fairness, objectivity and quintessence.
He wrote with finesse, colour, brilliance, radiance, lustre, dexterity, grace and had a high sense of depth and research. It was always a joy to read James' pieces. In his career, James cultivated and kept his friends. In a casual walk along the streets of Dar, restaurant, bank or any financial center, words of 'Shikamo' (Swahili greeting for someone of high repute or older than you). He knew all and sundry. High and low of society.
He was never an imposing figure except if you violated his rights, disrespected people or did things that were associated with injustice, vile, fraud, iniquity, and atrocious.
James will mostly be missed for his humour, comedy, jokes and hilarious laughter. He was a founder member of the East African Business Week starting out as Bureau Chief. However, as his health begun to deteriorate, he was appointed Editorial Consultant. It is not all a loss. He raised a crop of young journalists who have grown to be prolific too. He has left sons and heirs for East Africa and the East African Business Week.
Good bye Journalist, goodbye Gentleman, goodbye Friend!!

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