Friday, July 06, 2012

Ugonjwa wa Ajabu Yaua Watoto Cambodia!

Kuna habari kutoka World Health Organization (WHO) kuwa watoto wengi nchini Cambodia wamekufa kwa ugonjwa wa ajabu. Ugonjwa huo unaathiri mishipa ya fahamu na mapafu. Wadau, tuombe huo ugonjwa wa ajabu usiingie barani Afrika. Watoto wetu watakwisha!


Hong Kong (CNN) -- The World Health Organization (WHO) and Cambodian health officials are investigating why at least 61 children in the country have died mysteriously after suffering severe neurological and respiratory complications.

Dr. Beat Richner, of the Kantha Bopha Children's Hospitals who first alerted Cambodia's health authorities about the unknown disease said as of Friday, he knew of 64 cases, in which only two children have survived.

Countries surrounding Cambodia were informed of a deadly disease that killed dozens of children earlier this week, through the International Health Regulations event information system, which provides public health communications.

In Hong Kong, a major air hub in the region, health officials responded by alerting doctors to be watchful for patients returning from Cambodia who have respiratory symptoms. Travelers who have been to Cambodia were told to visit their doctors if they developed respiratory symptoms.

Kwa habari kamili BOFYA HAPA:

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