Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bosi wa EWURA Afariki Hotelini

Kutoka The Citizen:

Bosi wa EWURA akutwa amefariki hotelini

*Dar es Salaam/Dodoma.* A top director with the Energy and Water Regulatory

Authority (Ewura), Mr Julius Gashaza, was yesterday found dead in a Dar es
Salaam hotel. He had reportedly committed suicide, according to official

His baffling death came on the night of the day that he had returned to the
city from Dodoma, where alongside other government officials, were grilled
by the Budget Committee on the tax revenue collected from petroleum
products and the amount forwarded to the Road Fund and the rural
electrification agency (Rea).

Mr Gashaza was Ewura's Director of Petroleum and had represented the
authority's director general, Mr Felix Ngamlagosi, at the Dodoma meeting
with the Bunge committee chaired by Bariadi West MP and former minister
Andrew Chenge.

Family members confirmed the deceased arrived from Dodoma on Saturday and
expressed fear for his life. According to the family, Mr Gashaza told his
wife he feared some unnamed people were after his life.

The family then prayed together before the officer expressed his wish to
sleep in a hotel instead of his house for his own safety. He booked into a
hotel at Yombo Kigilagila from where he was found dead in his room
yesterday morning. Shocked family members were gathering at his home in the
city but did not want to speak to the media on the death of their kin. A
close relative who declined to be named said the family had decided to let
the police speak on any queries regarding the incident.

Dar es Salaam Special Police Zone Commander Suleiman Kova referred
reporters to the Temeke Region Police Commander Engbert Kiondo whose phone
went unanswered as this report was being filed.

In Dodoma, Mr Chenge expressed shock when told of the sudden death of the
Ewura director. He confirmed his committee had interrogated the officer and
Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) officials over discrepancy in the
statistics presented to the Budget Committee.

According to Mr Chenge, the team had sent both Ewura nad TRA officials to
reconcile their figures and come up with true information as what they had
separately presented was in conflict. He said it was not acceptable that
the two state agencies had diffirent figures on the tax due to petroleum.
However, Mr Chenge said he wouldn't speak on Mr Gashaza' death as that was
now a police matter.

Information gathered from within members of the Budget Committee indicated
that Ewura and TRA were in a serious conflict over the figure tabled before
Parliament. It was revealed that the figures shown by Ewura wer much higher
than those shown by TRA, a fact that allude to massive tax loss or



Anonymous said...

Eti he hanged himself on a shower piping ? Impossible. A shower piping can not support the weight of a human body. It's a very thin pipe.
I'm now smelling a rat. Rasmi, now I'm suspecting foul play.

Anonymous said...

Kajinyonga ama kanyongwa? Kama hesabu zake zilikuwa juu kuliko zile za TRA, mwenye kosa si yule mwenye hesabu za chini?

Je kama ni kweli kauwawa, serikali hii ina uwezo wa kuwang'amua wahusika na kuwachukulia hatua stahiki? Hii ndiyo Tanzania yetu ya sasa!

JET said...

Sekta ya Nishati na mali asili ina mazito katika nchi hii. suala la huyu jamaa lingeweza kugharimu maisha ya watu na ajira zao wakaamua aondoke yeye wabaki watu 20 ambao wangewajibishwa.

Anonymous said...

Iko wazi alieyelala kizima haongei haijalishi tutajiuliza maswali mwangapia kama kajiua au kauwa kwa sasa haina maana. Tujiulize kwanini namba za alikofanyia kazi na wazee wa ushuru zilikuwa tofauti labda atajitokeza mropokaji. Na kama kafariki ili waropokaji wakae kimya basi tunaendelea na utaratibu wetu wa vifo visivyoeleweka.