Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

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Anonymous said...

About her musing
Her look so assuring, her poise so sustaining
Her eyes so captivating, her lips alluring
Her built appealing, her cheeks captivating
Her simile charming, eyes endearing
Her counsel heartening, her answers uplifting

Who is she?

She is pretty; she is cute
She is neat, she is sweet

Oh boy, but who is she?

She is useful
She is delightful

Who is she?

She is hilarious, she is humorous
She is gracious, she is virtuous

She is electric, she is enthusiastic
She is energetic, she is majestic

But who is she?

She is likable, she is affable
She is amiable, she is enjoyable
She is lovable, she is pleasurable

But who is she?

Contemporaneous she is, distinctive she is
Original she is, unique she is

Oh boy, beating about the bush
Stop beating about the bush;
If she is that good wine, why bush?

She is God-posed so, a daughter blessed so
To incubate you, to earth to bring you;
Your Mother, my Mother, none in lieu