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East Africans in USA gear up for Massive Toronto Conference

Pastor Jared Mlongecha of the International Gospel Church in Chelsea, MA, USA

By Harrison Maina,,

BOSTON, MA_Dozens of Tanzanians, Kenyans Ugandans, Rwandese and other nationals from the east African countries in Boston and Kansas are planning to attend a major Christian revival conference to be held in Toronto Canada next month presided by renowned Tanzanian evangelist, Bishop Zachary Kakobe of Zachary Kakobe International Ministries.

Dubbed the “The Toronto Miracle Healing Crusade & Restoration Retreat”, the 5 day conference has also attracted the attendance by top world gospel musicians including Don Moen, Donnie Mcclurkin Martha Munizzi and the Krystal Brothers.

It is scheduled to start on Thursday June 20th to Sunday June 23rd at the Canada Tennis Rexall Center, a popular stadium that hosts major world Tennis tournaments.

According to Rev. Jared Mlongecha pastor of the International Gospel church in Chelsea, MA, who is the main coordinator of the conference, about 50 east Africans in Boston and about 60 from Kansas Missouri are planning to attend the unique event.

Pastor Mlongecha said that the believers will travel to Toronto in busloads as a group to minimize expenses and maximize the unique experience at the 5 day conference.The trip also includes a one day relaxation trip to the famous Niagra Falls a short distance from the crusade venue.

“This is a major conference. Bishop Kakombe has done tremendous work in the spiritual world leading many to experience healing, deliverance, signs and wonders. Barren women have conceived, cancers and tumors have been healed, real problems have been solved,” said Rev. Mlongecha during an interview with on the upcoming conference.

He added that there will also be a Restoration Retreat where singles, couples and the youth will be ministered to Bishop Kakobe.( View more details here >> )

“We expect massive restoring broken marriages and relationships, breaking the spirit of celibacy, bad habits, addictions and many more debilitating issues of life.”

At the end of the conference, the group plans to take a time off to visit the legendary Niagara Fall for sightseeing and general entertainment, Mlongecha leads the International Gospel Church in Chelsea that is frequented by worshippers from practically all the east African nations.

“However, we are welcoming other east Africans in the region who would like to attend the unique Toronto conference to join us so they can also be ministered to by Bishop Kakobe,” he added.

Pastor Mlongecha has been closely involved at organizing international conferences for Bishop Kakobe in many different countries including motherland Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC and many others.

He said that the bishop has traveled in many other parts of the world including a sermon at the Yoido Full Gospel Church, an Assemblies of God church led by Dr. David Yonggi Cho in South Korea.

The church is considered to host the world's largest congregation with a membership of 1,000,000. (Wikipedia)

As the main coordinator for Bishop Kakobe’s international conferences, Rev. Mlongecha has been working together with a committee of pastors from different evangelical churches across Canada to organize the Toronto crusade.

According to Mlongecha, the trip to Toronto from Boston is a 9 hour drive and all the logistics have been worked out for all those who would like to accompany them for the conference.

The pastor said that conference attendees from the Boston region will take buses to Toronto at a cost of $120 per person for the roundtrip.

Plans have been worked out with the Toronto Airport Marriot Hotel, a 5 Star Hotel in Toronto where where four people can l share a room at a discounted rate of $35 a night per person.

After attending difference sessions and retreats at the conference, we will take a trip to the Niagara falls which is about 1 hour drive from the Rexall Center. There is no extra cost of this leisure trip to before we go back to our hotel for the final evening dinner.”
The trip has been generating a lot of excitement among many east African faithful from Boston, Kansas City, Kansas, Ohio, Michigan, and elsewhere in USA have contacted organizers with plans to attend the crusade.

This is a special kind of crusade that I will be attending together with my wife. We are looking forward to a great time with other believers,” said Rev. John Baker Katende, pastor of the global Evangelical church, a predominantly Ugandan church based in Burlington, MA.

Other east Africans reached by about the trip said that the trip is worth every penny as it provided a great opportunity to experience spiritual revival and taking a road trip to Toronto provides a break from the busy working schedules of most people who cherish a summer vacation.

“I will go for the trip because it provides me an opportunity to attend the crusade and take a little vacation with my family. I would also like to experience the Niagra falls in the company of people that I am familiar with. This is a great opportunity,” said Alex Kamau a Kenyan living in Boston.

For more information or to sign up for the trip, interested readers are requested to contact: Pastor Daniel Kungu (913) 850-4698 E-mail: pastor Kungu @

Alex Kamau (618) 509-1386. International Gospel Church (617)884-1951.

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Mumu said...

Yes, wapo wanaoamini! Bwana Asifiwe sana!

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Na babu wa Loliondo pia asifiwe, miracle healings zake alizotuletea.

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