Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Nawatakia akina mama wote sikuukuu njema ya Akina Mama!

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Anonymous said...

To Mothers All:
Happy 2013 Mother's Day!

You shall always remain my Mother
Because you are my mother!
Me is your infant incubated
For nine-month dependency;
After child-labor pains
So excruciating,
To Earth you added me;
The umbilical cord cut,
As if to disconnect me from you,
Only my independence to establish;
Albeit, the umbilical bond
Is still there!

You are my mother!
Me is your infant that grabbed
Your breasts,
Touched and sucked
Your nipples,
And contributed
To the flattening
Of your breasts,
Like walking sleepers,
In innocence so paradisiacal!

You are my mother
Me is your infant
Now aware
Of tough love nurture
For me to grow strong;
The bottomline shall so remain:
ME your Infant,
YOU my Mother!

by Born Again Pagan