Saturday, June 08, 2013

Mzee Mh. Nelson Mandela Amelazwa Tena

Wadau, tumwombee Mzee wetu, Mh. Nelson Mandela (Mzee Madiba) wa Afrika Kusini. Amelazwa tena jijini Johanses burg kutokana na uginjwa wa mapafu.  Mzee Mandela ana miaka 94 na pia anasumbuliwa na matatizo ya uzee.


Former South African President, Nelson Mandela
Kutoka CNN.Com

Johannesburg (CNN) -- Former South African leader Nelson Mandela is in "serious but stable condition" at a Pretoria hospital with a recurring lung infection, the presidential spokesman said Saturday.
Mandela was hospitalized early Saturday after the state of his health deteriorated in the last few days, according to spokesman Mac Maharaj.

"He's receiving the best possible care," he said. "Everything is being done to ensure that he is comfortable and that he is getting better."

Maharaj said that the anti-apartheid icon is breathing on his own.

Mandela's wife, Graca Machel, is at the hospital with him, sources told CNN. She canceled her plans to attend the Hunger Summit meeting in London on Saturday.

South Africa's first black president gets round-the-clock care, and his house is retrofitted with medical equipment that mirrors that of an intensive care unit.
Mandela, 94, has become increasingly frail over the years and has not appeared in public since South Africa hosted the World Cup in 2010.
Despite his rare public appearances, news of his ailment spark concerns worldwide.

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