Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nafasi za Kazi Tanzania



Tanzania Occupational Health Service is a non profit making organization serving the health needs of industrial workers, their dependants and the general public.

Applications are invited to fill the following vacant positions:-


Applications accompanied with copies of certificates, C.V., two names of referees with their postal address, e-mail and telephone numbers should be sent to the following address:-

The Director General

Tanzania Occupational Health Service

P/O/ Box 3520


Alternatively you can send your application by e-m ail through the following address:-


Applications received after fourteen days from the first press appearance of this advertisement will not be considered.

Position Titled: Director of Business Development and Projects

Reports to:- Director General

Job Summary

The Director of Business Development and Projects directs the marketing, public relations, patient relations/customer service, planning and business development functions of the Association. As a member of the management committee he participates in leadership and contributes to decision making at senior Managerial level in an active and positive manner.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities

· Organizes and directs marketing, promotions, advertising and public relations

· Establishes and directs the patient relations/customer service functions of the Association

· Designs and manages the strategic/operational planning processes for the Association

· Manages and co-ordinates business development for key Association’s initiatives.

· Conceives and prepares Project write-ups and solicits donors to fund them.

· Prepares departmental budget recommendations and monitors within approved budgets.

· Contributes to and promotes positive relationships between Association’s staff and guests/patients.


Bachelor’s degree in marketing, Business Administration or related field coupled with three years working experience in health care or public agency, preferably in a job related area. Strong financial and analytical skills, understanding of business development, strategic planning and marketing in the health care industry. Ability to build rapport and relationships quickly. Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, computer and software skills, including word processing, spread sheet and database management.

Position Title: Sale and Marketing Manager

Reports to: Director of Business Development and Projects

Job Summary:

To assist the Director of Business Development and Projects with promoting the Association’s services to all customer groups and ensuring that business growth objectives are delivered in accordance with plan requirements.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities

· Recruits more clients and companies to use the Association’s services.

· Maintains the marketing contact database

· Assists in the preparation and delivery of the business development plan and review process.

· Works with the Director to develop all supporting marketing collateral

· Collects, analyses and reports on clients feedbacks

· Nurtures relationships between clients and internal clinical and other support staff

· Other duties as assigned.


Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration or related field coupled with two years working experience in a health care organization or public agency preferably in a job related area. Computer literacy is essential.

Position Title: Project Manager

Reporting to: The Director of Business Development and Projects

Job Summary

To conceive and prepare project write-ups and solicit donors to fund them and to organize fund raising activities.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities

· Conceives and prepares project write-ups and solicits donors to fund them

· Organizes fund raising activities

· Other duties as assigned


Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business Administration or related field coupled with two years working experience. Experience in conceiving and preparing project write-ups and organizing fund raising activities is essential. He/She should be computer literate.

Position Title: Director of Finance

Reports to: The Director General

Job Summary:

The Director of Finance shall be the Head of Finance department and is responsible to the Director General. He shall direct and coordinate the financial resources.

Duties and Responsibilities:

· Formulates, recommends and enforces financial polices, systems and procedures;

· Establishes and maintains in accordance with accepted principles all financial records and related documents for the Organization;

· Supervises the implementation of accounting functions by ensuring collection, classification, recording and reconciliation of accounting data;

· Establishes budget format, provides background costs and revenue, coordinates the preparation of Annual Budget and ensures timely presentation to the Board for approval;

· Reviews constantly the Organization’s financial position and ensures prompt provision of relevant financial information to Management.

· Takes appropriate action for collecting revenue due to the organization;

· Provides for adequate insurance of the Organizations assets

· Ensures that the Organization’s financial obligations are met promptly and all payments are made in accordance with financial regulations and under appropriate authority;

· Ensures prompt production of accurate Annual and Financial reports for auditing and publication in accordance with statutory requirements

· Provides for an adequate external audit that will safeguard the assets of the organization, checks the accuracy and reliability of the accounting data, and enforces adherence to prescribed accounting policies and principles;

· Provides answers for audit queries;

· Maintains a class working relationship with financial institutions and external auditors in order to enlist their cooperation and assistance.


Holders of CPA(T) ACCA, ACA, CA or equivalent full professional accountancy qualification plus at least 3 years working experience in accounting or audit practice at senior level. Registration with NBAA as authorized Accountant is essential.

Position Title: Information and Communication Technology Manager

Reports to: Director of Finance

Job Summary: To Manage all Association’s information technologies and provide support and training.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities
· Develops and maintains technology policies, standards, procedures and manuals, develops and maintains related technology checklists

· Manages network operations to include trouble shooting connectivity problems, instating and maintaining routers, adding/terminating users, assigning rights and access, resetting pass words

· Assesses and reports operational status etc.

· Assists staff in understanding and using technology; conducts regular staff technology presentations and trainings

· Other duties as assigned


Bachelor’s degree in computer Science or related field coupled with two years working experience in a job-related field. Computer literacy is essential.


Attractive salaries and fringe benefits will be offered to right candidates.

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