Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Picha Nyingine Eti Maiti ya bin Laden

Haya, picha nyingine imezuka eti maiti ya bin Laden kabla hajaikzwa baharini. Kwa kweli tumezoea kumwona na kilemba chake.

Kusoma habari zaidi za hiyo picha BOFYA HAPA:


True Arab said...

If he had died, then (Prophet) Muhammad's Ummah (Islamic community) has another 1,000 Osamas. The Islamic religion will not stop with one man. This is an ummah which has been inherited by heroes over generations, from the times of the Prophet.

We may differ with some of Bin Laden's ideas but I ask Allah to forgive him and have mercy on his soul and welcome him as a martyr. As for the legitimate Jihad (war), it will continue until the Day of Judgement.

With all our differences with Al Qaeda, we are proud of the death of a Muslim man who was able to shake the world at a time all the Arab armies united couldn't do that.

Anonymous said...

True Arab, Islam does not condone killing innocent people. That is what bin Laden did. May he rot and burn in hell!

Anonymous said...

Let me assure you the first commentator, All the 1000 Osamas will die like the original Osama and they will all be fed to "fishes" of the sea just like Osama your Champion.

If Osama the so called Charismatic died disgracefully, how much less you the 1000 stooges!

Anonymous said...

We have known all along that Muslims hate Christians and If they had their wish, they would have killed us (Christians) all.

The first commentary reveals the true colors of Muslims.

When our brothers were killed at the US embassy in Dar es salaam and Nairobi. All Muslims kept quiet and were rejoicing silently.

This is a shame.

Anonymous said...

Osama bin Laden was a hypocrite. He had his followers believing that he and his family were living a hard life in a cave. In reality he was living comfortably in a huge mansion guarded by the Pakistan military. This man had no qualms at killing fellow muslims. He was an animal. He died too well compared to his victims. He did not even deserved a proper funeral. I'm glad he is now bottom feeder fish food!

Anonymous said...

ISLAMABAD, May 6 : Al Qaeda confirmed Osama Bin Laden was dead on Friday, dispelling some of the fog around the killing of the “holy warrior,” and vowed to mount more attacks on the West.

The announcement by the Islamist network, which promised to publish a taped message from Bin Laden soon, appeared likely to silence doubts expressed by some that he had died at all.

In a statement online, it said Bin Laden’s blood “is more precious to us and to every Muslim than to be wasted in vain.”

“It will remain, with permission from Allah the Almighty, a curse that hunts the Americans and their collaborators and chases them inside and outside their country.”

Anonymous said...

Bin Laden’s final resting grounds were in the north Arabian Sea after the following body cleanse was performed:

Bin Laden’s body was thoroughly washed and placed in a white sheet
The body was placed in a weighted bag
A military officer read prepared religious remarks that were translated into Arabic by a native speaker
After the remarks were completed, Bin Laden’s body was placed on a flat board, tipped up and slipped into the sea from the USS Carl Vinson.
According to Islamic teachings, the highest honor to be bestowed on the dead is to be given a swift burial before sunset. Those who die while traveling at sea can have their bodies committed to the bottom of the ocean if they are far off coast. May not have been the case here, but nobody wanted his remains since he was one of the most hated individuals on earth.

No matter what religious factions think, his grave can never become a shrine now, nor will it draw militant attention. Bin Laden is dead and gone but hopefully never forgotten about. He was killed and disposed of quickly which leaves little room for debate.

Anonymous said...

huyo siyo bin laden uwongo hajafa