Thursday, June 26, 2014

GARANI MW1 - Eti ni Dawa ya Kutibu UKIMWI Kutoka Malawi

Eti, kuna dawa ya kutibu UKIMWI huko Malawi.  Hii dawa ni unga ambao unaweza kuchanganya na chakula chako.  Waliotengeneza wanadai kuwa pamoja na kutibu, muathirika atakuwa na hamu ya kula chakula kingi na atakuwa na kiu mara kwa mara.

 Lakini watu wamejitokeza na kusema hiyo dawa ni feki na haitibu ugonjwa wowote!

Wadau, watu wanaotaka kupona watakuwa na hamu ya kutumia kitu chochote ambacho kinaweza kuwatibu! Mnakumbuka Kikombe cha Babu?  Mnakumbuka waliozuka na vilombe baada ya hapo?  Nakumbuka miaka ya 90 kuna mtau alidai ana dawa Nairobi! Wagonjwa walimiminika kule! Watu wanachezea tumaini ya wagonjwa!  Ni dhambi!

Mnaweza kusoma habari ya  wanaodai GARANI MW1 ni feki kwa KUBOFYA HAPA:



GARANI MW1 is a herbal preparation that is being used to treat people that have HIV and AIDS. It has strong antiviral properties and therefore also positively affects immune system. The medicine improves the immune system by increasing ones CD4 cell count because viral replication is reduced/halted. The body is then able to fight opportunistic infections that come due to the compromised immunity.  The viral load is reduced to undetectable levels and people have tested non reactive to the HIV tests using both anti body and HIV DNA/ PCR tests. 
 As Garanimw1 is available in powder form, it is taken through porridge made from maize flour with no sugar or salt, one tea teaspoon per day, once a day for three consecutive days, repeated after a period of two weeks from the same pack. Some have become totally cured after taking only one pack while others may need to repeat the dose at 1 month intervals.  

Frequent and nonstop headaches, chest pains and breathlessness, chronic undefined coughs, skin rashes, other skin conditions, cancer, hair loss, swollen lymph nodes, painful legs, asthma, unexplained weight loss, numbness in the legs and other body parts, hormonal imbalances, general body weaknesses and pains, chronic wounds, diabetes, high blood pressure, loss of memory, cancerous growths, anaemia, skin discolorations and many others. 
 There are many people that have taken the medicine but did not have the HIV virus and have reported success stories on diseases and conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, stomach ulcers, sickle cell, and other abdominal swellings in the body, amenorrhea and others. Some people who had lost their shape due to the effects of ARVs (lipodystrophy) have regained it even while taking the drugs.  

1.The full course of the medicine is three teaspoons of the powder taken over a period of three days, one teaspoon per day for three days – put in porridge with no sugar or salt. The remaining powder should be taken after two weeks in the same manner until it is finished. One should choose time when to take the medcine
 2. The porridge should be put in a bowl or cup before adding the medicine and not in a pot.
3.For couples, both should take the medicine and abstain from sex or use condoms correctly and consistently until they go for the HIV test when time is due  
4.One can go for test after 12 months. This is the HIV antibody test in which a small amount of blood from a finger prick is tested since antibodies may persist in the blood for several months even after when the disease causing organism has disappeared from the blood stream.  
5.HIV DNA PCR test can be done after 10 months which looks into the presence of the actual virus.  
6.If one is on ARVs or any other medication they should continue taking the medicine and one will be advised to stop taking the ARVs by a qualified physician when all the above tests are done and are negative 
 7.The known effects of the medicine is that others may develop increased appetite and thirst therefore food and water should be taken as required.
 NOTE: For better and faster results, the dosage should be repeated at 1 month interval for two or more times with condom use at all times although one dose

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