Friday, March 06, 2009

Waziri Mkuu wa Zimbabwe apata Ajali ya Gari!

BREAKING NEWS: CNN wanasema kuwa mke wa Morgan Tsvangirai amefariki katika hiyo ajali!

Habari kutoka Zimbabwe zinasema kuwa Waziri Mkuu mpya wa nchi hiyo, Mh. Morgan Tsvangirai amepata ajali ya gari akielekea kwao Buhera, Zimbabwe. Nitaposti habari zaidi nikipata.


(CNN) — Zimbabwe’s new prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, has been hospitalized after his car collided with a large truck, officials with his party and his spokesman told CNN on Friday.
“Yes I can confirm that he was involved in a car accident along Harare-Masvingo road,” said Tsvangirai’s spokesman, James Maridadi. “He has been brought to Harare and doctors are looking at him at a hospital.”

Maridadi would not say how serious Tsvangirai’s injuries are as a result of the head-on collision. Tsvangirai was in the car with his wife, an aide, and the driver, he said. All four are being assessed by doctors.

They were en route to Tsvangirai’s hometown of Buhera, south of the capital, Harare, when the accident occurred, Maridadi said.

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