Friday, March 13, 2009

Waziri Mkuu Pinda Achachamaa!

Mheshimiwa Pinda anavyochemka ananikumbusha alivyokuwa anachemka Marehemu Edward Moringe Sokoine. Nadhani watu hawakutegemea kuwa angekuwa mchapakazi hivyo! Sema, Usiopgope, Sema!

Kumbe kuna mambo pale kwenye kituo cha mabasi Ubungo!

Ubungo bus terminal pact dubious - PM

By Guardian Reporter

Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda said yesterday that the contract under which Dar es Salaam`s Ubungo Bus Terminal is operating is dubious.

Speaking during a stop-over at the upcountry terminal on his second day of a tour of the city, Pinda said the contract has made the nation incur huge losses in gate collections from bus operators and other users.

He cited a clause in the contract which states that the fee to be paid by the private firms running the terminal will be only 1.5m/- per day.

Pinda said in many similar standard contracts, a fair deal would have been a certain percentage from the total amount collected each day.

Asked to explain the anomaly, city officials accompanying the PM remained mum. The Bus Terminal Manager, Fadhili Izombe, also couldn’t utter a word.

The PM, whose tour ends today, ordered the Dar es Salaam City Council to review the contract as soon as possible.

Smart Holding Company has been running the terminal`s operations since 2004. However, its contract ends in October.

SOURCE: Guardian

Pia soma:

Na bado! Hatimaye kuna mtu kasema ukweli kuhusu hao wazungu wanaojazana huko Bongo eti ni maExpats! Kumbe huko kwao hawawezi kupata kazi!



Pinda: Stop pandering to unqualified expatriates

By Patrick Kisembo

The government has expressed grave concern over some employers` tendency to deny locals rightful jobs by recruiting unqualified expatriates.

The reservation was sounded by Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda on Wednesday night in Dar es Salaam during an occasion to award the 2008 Employer of the Year Award hosted by the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE).
The Standard Chartered Bank Limited was awarded as the 2008 Employer of the Year.

He was particularly unhappy with the growing tendency whereby some employers prefer foreigners who in his opinion ``are lazy,`` but some are getting monthly salaries five times the amount paid to locals.

The Premier said: ``Some of these so-called experts are fakes. But they are being paid five times what a local Tanzanian worker earns in this country. Let`s do what we can to stop this.``

Pinda dismissed claims that locals are poor in their command of the English language, charging that some expatriates ``likewise speak broken English,`` but end up fetching huge salaries.

``We should stop this. Let`s address this problem in order to do justice to local employees,`` he insisted.

Pinda said he was aware of employers giving jobs to foreigners and denying locally trained Tanzanians the chance simply because ``they are not fluent in the English language.``

```Locals are not admitted to jobs. Even when employed they are not given decent jobs. They end up serving in low positions.This is a big problem which should be worked on,`` said the Premier.

He also stressed the importance of using existing local academic institutions to get experts and quality workers who can be sold in regional and international labour markets.

``We have enough educational institutions which produce good people who can perform. We have universities, technical colleges.

We need to use these in getting experts and quality workers for quality production,`` he said.

ATE Chairperson Cornelius Kariwa said that employers of the year were expected to promote skilled labour, as a principal factor in productivity improvement.

He, however said ATE has established that there is a huge untapped potential for improving worker productivity and profitability in several member enterprises if workers are well supervised, coached, motivated and remunerated.

Alexio Musindo, who represented the International Labour Organization Director for Tanzania, Kenya and Somalia at the event, applauded ATE for its efforts to promote efficiency and effectiveness of employers in their role of promoting economic growth and reducing poverty.

``However this is a demonstration of your commitment to promotion of harmonious workplaces and of decent working conditions for your workers,`` he said.

According to the National Employment Promotion
Service Act of 1999, Section 25, no employer is allowed to recruit a foreigner in a position in which only citizens may be employed.

The law also stipulates that any employer who employs any foreigner in contravention of the law commits an offence and is liable on conviction, to a fine of not less than one million shillings or to imprisonment for a term of not less than six months, or to both a fine and imprisonment.

SOURCE: Guardian


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Wasije wakamaliza kama walimvyomaliza Sokoine.

Anonymous said...

Je Pinda ana ubavu wa kupambana na mwenye kampuni ya hapo Ubungo Bus Terminal (familia ya Kingunge Ngombare Mwiru aka 'mzee wa miiba')?

Anonymous said...

Ohhooooo! Kingunge alikuwepo enzi za Sokoine na Kolimba! Pinda ajihadari.