Thursday, April 05, 2012

Sandra Mushi Akusanya Vitabu Kwa Ajili ya Watoto Muhimbili

Muhimbili Hospital Childrens Book Collection

G’afternoon happy people!!

Thank you so so so so so so much for the books, toys, exercise books, colouring pencils. Crayons etc that we collected for MOI kids – and which I dropped today.

I am so proud and happy to say that we collected about 6 boxes. Thank you ever so much!

I have taken some pictures of what was collected ...
I was asked to go see the kids – and maybe take pictures of them too – but I didn’t have the heart to. So I am sorry that I didn’t take pictures of the kids.

Sarah Clittero and the Novel Idea team, thank you and God bless you! This should not be the end, but only the beginning – there is so much more that we can do and that is needed from us. Pamoja tunaweza na pamoja tutafika.

Thank you all!


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