Sunday, February 17, 2008

President Bush Visit to Tanzania in Pics III

President Bush at Amana Hospital in Ilala District,Dar es Salaam.

President Bush waves to well wishers in Dar es Salaam

President Bush greets a patient at Amana Hospital in Ilala Districti, Dar es Salaam

President Bush is entertained by traditional dancers. This time his photo is on their chests.

President Bush waves to a crowd of wellwishers at the Tanzanian State House

President Bush speaks outside the historical Tanzanian State House

Kuna Slideshow Bofya Hapa:


We Tanzanians can be proud that our country is trustworthy when it comes to donated dollars. President Bush praised Tanzania for putting the money donated to battle AIDS to work in the country and save lives.

It's the largest deal under a Bush program that offers economic aid to countries that treat their people fairly, rule justly and root out corruption.

"I'll just put it bluntly, America doesn't want to spend money on people who steal the money from the people," Bush said. "We like dealing with honest people, and compassionate people. We want our money to go to help human condition and to lift human lives as well as fighting corruption in marketplace economies."


Anonymous said...

Wale waislamu walioandamana Ijumaa wako wapi?

Anonymous said...

President Bush is receiving treatment fit for a King in Africa. He may not want to come back to the States wherehe is so unpopular. He could never get such a warm welcome he has blood on his hands from the Iraq War.