Monday, October 06, 2008

Msaidie Raymond

Kwa niaba ya Magdalene Magori, kama itaruhusu kulingana na maudhui ya blogu/tovuti yako, naomba kuwakilisha ombi la kupewa nafasi katika ukurasa wa blogu/tovuti yako ili kusambaza barua yenye maelezo hapa chini kwa madhumuni ya kupata msaada wa hali na mali toka kwa yeyote atakayeguswa kumsaidia mwenzetu. - Subi.


I am writing this special e-mail to seek support for my brother's (Raymond) hospital bill.

My brother has been ill for the past one year, treatment was not the best back home in Tanzania and he was referred to India. However, at the time of his referral his condition was very critical so much that he could not be flown straight to India. He had to be air-lifted to Aga Khan Nairobi (Kenya) to stabilize his condition before being taken to India. The Doctors in Nairobi have done a wonderful job despite the fact that he had to have both his legs amputated to save his life.They did only what was best for him. He did not have to go to India again. The Doctors themselves say that Raymond is a Testimony... a True Miracle!

Raymond is currently doing fine although he is a bit depressed and the doctors feel that it is only dawning to him now what has actually happened, and especially the amputation of his second leg which was done without his consent as he was not in a conscious state to make a was a matter of life and death! He has had some Professional Counselling since the 30th Sept 2008 which we hope and believe will be fruitful.

Raymond had a Medical Cover (AAR) of Tshs. 100m (USD. 100,000) through his employer (Plan International) which has been exhausted. The Excess Bill comes to about USD. 80,000. As a family we are seeking other means available of raising the outstanding balance to enable us settle the bill as soon as possible.

Being close friends, I/we plead for your financial support (whatever the amount) towards the Medical Cost Outstanding. Do not hesitate, nothing is too small everything is much appreciated. I have also approached my Parish and explained the situation to them. I am optimistic assistance is on the way.

Thanking you in advance for your anticipated support. I/we cannot thank you enough but God will reward you accordingly.

Kind Regards,

M.H. Magori
Raymond is my blood brother, Our First Born in a family of 3

His number is +255 754 884 591 / Mama: +255 766 05 38 06

He is currently in Aga Khan Nairobi, Kenya. Both are reachable on their local numbers.

He is now communicating well so anybody may try to call his number.


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