Friday, October 03, 2008

Uwongo wa Sarah Palin


1. FANNIE MAE/FREDDIE MAC: Palin said “it was John McCain who pushed so hard with the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reform measures,” but fact checkers say that’s “Quite A Stretch” And “Barely True,” and that McCain was a “latecomer” to the discussion.

2. FUNDAMENTALS ARE STRONG: Palin tried to say “John McCain saying our economy was strong” but McCain has used the phrase “The Fundamentals Of The Economy Are Strong” At Least 16 Times This Year.

3. PARTISAN POLITICS: Palin said McCain is “known for putting partisan politics aside to just get the job done,” but he has voted with Bush 90% of the time in the Senate and bragged about his support for Bush on important issues.

4. TAXES ATTACK: Palin repeated the attack that Obama voted for higher taxes 94 times, which the New York Times says is “false,” CNN says is “Misleading,” and says is “inflated.”

5. TOBACCO REGULATION: Palin said to “look at the tobacco industry” as an example of McCain pushing for even harder and tougher regulations. But McCain opposed expanding the SCHIP children’s health insurance program for 5.8 million children because it would increase tobacco taxes.

6. SPENDING INCREASES: Palin said Obama is is proposing “nearly a trillion dollars in new spending,” but didn’t mention that he has also proposed cuts to balance it out, an attack CNN has already debunked as “misleading” and that ignores the far larger cost of McCain’s tax cuts and spending hikes.

7. HEALTH CARE: Palin claimed Obama’s health plan is “government run” which has been widely debunked as a “canard.”

8. HEALTH CARE. Palin says taxes wouldn’t go up under the McCain health care plan, a fact even his own campaign has acknowledged isn’t true.

9. TROOPS: Palin repeated what the AP called the “highly misleading” attack that Obama opposed funding for the troops, and notes that the same methodology would lead to the same conclusion for McCain.

10. GLOBAL WARMING: Palin said “I don’t want to argue about the causes” for global warming, when she has clearly taken the position that she doesn’t not believe it is man-made.

11. MCCAIN IS CONSISTENT: Palin said McCain” doesn't tell one thing to one group and then turns around and tells something else to another group,” when that is exactly what he has done on immigration, telling Hispanic leaders he was for comprehensive reform instead of the enforcement focused approach he has taken with conservatives.

12. MCCLELLAN NOT MCKIERNAN: Palin referred to the US commander in Afghanistan, David McKiernan as “McClellan.”

13. MCKIERNAN ON “SURGE:” Palin said that [McKiernan] did not say a surge wouldn’t work in Afghanistan, when just yesterday he said “The word I don’t use for Afghanistan is ’surge,’ ” McKiernan stressed, saying that what is required is a “sustained commitment” to a counterinsurgency effort that could last many years and would ultimately require a political, not military, solution

14. KILLING CIVILIANS. Palin said “Obama had said that all we're doing in Afghanistan is air raiding villages and killing civilians and such a reckless, reckless comment and untrue comment again hurts our cause. That's not what we are doing there.” Unfortunately, the Associated Press says that Obama was right in discussing a critically important point about avoiding civilian casualties.

15. TEACHING: Palin said we need to make sure “that education in either one of our agendas, I think, absolute top of the line,” when McCain has repeatedly favored tax cuts for the wealthy over funds for more teachers and class size reduction.

16. PARTISAN APPOINTMENTS: Palin said “You do what I did as governor. And you appoint people regardless of party affiliation. Democrats, independents, Republicans, you walk the walk, don't just talk the talk” when she repeatedly appointed friends and supporters to positions for which they weren’t qualified.

17. FOCUS ON CLIMATE CHANGE: Palin falsely claimed that she was the first governor to form a climate change subcabinet, when at least 28 states had already taken action.

18. DARFUR DIVESTMENT: Palin claimed that “when I and others” found out that the state had money invested in Sudan that “we called for divestment,” when the reality is that Palin’s appointees worked to kill a Darfur divestment plan.


Anonymous said...


For over a week now Obama has 100+ lead in Electral Vote; Over 10% lead in Popular vote; Over 80% Win percentage, etc, according to

McC.. camp expected a come back after the VP's debate, but as you have listed above, the came up with tones of lies, and therefore did work in their favor (favour)

God bless Barack.

Thanks Da'Chemi for the updates.



naam sikufaidi sana mdahalo wao hapo awali, lakini jana nilifaidi zaidi baada ya Star Tv hapa bongo kurudia mpambano ule. Jambo ambalo nilimhurumia Palin ni ushawisi wa hoja siyo kutegemea kufundishwa. Naelewa kwamba anajua anachokifanya lakini kulikua na uadhaifu wa moja kwa moja ambao ulionyesha siyo mzoefu katika ameneo mfano siasa za nje hususan katik hoja za usalama nakupambana na magaidi, pia suala watafanya nini ikiwa tayari MacCain anaonyesha kuiendeleza vita. ni vitu vidogo sana ambavyo Palin anashindwa kujiweka sawa, hakika ilikuwa mtanange murua tena maridadi unaokufanya mtu ucheke hadi mbavu zinauma. Mwee bora asingekubali kwani naona anaomzigo mzito kama siyo gunia la misumari kichwani mwake. hakika kazi wanayo.
ndiyo Biden mzuri katika mambo ya nje na ujenzi wa hoja lakini alikuwa akipotea kiasi fulani kwa kuijadili sera mpaka inamtaja mtu. pia katika sayansi ya siasa ni udhaifu kusema maneno kama haya 'pengine' ,'labda' ,'nafikiri','huenda'. ila biden anauwezo wa kusiamama na kujieleza. pole dada Palin licha ya kujiamini kwake kidogo kunasaidia.