Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Muungano - Maoni ya Adamu Lusekelo

Mwalimu Nyerere na Mzee Karume wakikamilisha Muungano 1964

By Adamu Lusekelo
Kutoka: Daily News
Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I first thought that the on-going blah blahing between politicians of the different sides of the political divide in Mainland and Zanzibar would go away. It was too petty to warrant any attention. But, as you know, politicians love attention. They have made it an issue. I haven't.
I find it too silly, to be given such attention. All I know is if some politicians in the islands want out they should be given that opportunity. Let's ask the people of the Zanzibar and Pemba sister islands. Over the years, I have had no problems with unions, especially with my chicks. If they want out, I let them opt out. You can't force someone to love you.
If some politicians in Zanzibar (nchi) want to be called a country otherwise they will commit ‘hara kiri’, then let’s call them 'nchi'. In fact I suggest that we should even call Zanzibar 'nchi' twice. The name should be Nchi Zanzibar Nchi! That way the united republic will be rid of this nonsensical debate.
The United Republic has mega problems. We cannot get water in Dar. I haven't heard anything from the Bunge. Zanzibar has been in the dark for almost two months. I have yet to hear of anyone in the House of Reps fiercely coming down on the Revolutionary Government in Zenj.
Our country is being looted left, right and centre by a cabal of politicians in collusion with international 'investors'. What do you get from the Bunge and the House of Reps? Nothing! Zilch! And now Premier Mizengo 'Pete' Pinda comes with the 'nchi' thing and the whole is awash with this silly debate. It shows how idle some circles in our society are.
I know that politicians have to speak something. But I think they have to speak using their heads, not their mouths! What does the average Zanzibari in Mwanakwerekwe in Zanzibar benefit from being called 'nchi'? Absolutely nothing! What does the average mainlander in Tabora Region benefit from being called Tanzania nchi? If the politicians think they will benefit from making an issue of the 'nchi' thing, they should stand out and be counted. They should stop to manipulate the issue.
Let's just ask the people of Zanzibar and Pemba if they want the Union or they want out – and then let's respect that choice. It is very boring to see politicians, especially in Zenj, wanting to make political kudos out of the Union issue. Be warned people of Zenj, as we are busy wasting people's time talking hot air about 'nchi' thing the people of Pemba are also stirring. They also want out. They want their own government!
And times have changed. You just cannot force a people to love you - not even using guns. For guns have the habit of running out of ammo. Once you run out of ammo the SMG is useless, especially when facing a population armed with 'pangas'. I think it’s about time we revved up the Union and ask the people concerned if they want it or not and not listen to political clowns who want to make political hay out of nothing.
The prices of food are forbidding; and the hospitals are empty with the doctors fleeing abroad. Now they even want to pinch our teachers. Those politicians are making an issue out of being called 'nchi'. That is total nonsense!
UN deputy Secretary General, Asha-Rose Migiro has just told Tanzanians that as far as she was concerned, the UN recognises a country called the United Republic of Tanzania, not Zanzibar! Knowing how silly some of the politicians can be, they must be seething and saying that the UN deputy secretary general should be caned for - saying the truth.
Any way, whatever the outcome of the referendum, I still would like my country, which I love very much, to be called Tanzania. That is whether there is another country called Zanzibar 'nchi' or another country the Republic of Pemba. Just go for it! Predictably, those fellows would go for each other’s throats so fast, they will never know what has hit them.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't understand the article! is it english,swahili or chinese? My five years old daughter asked me that question. Please help me to answer her and advice TZ prominent reporters to use simple and understandable language and grammer.

Klaudia, Washington DC.

Anonymous said...

Klaudia that is the way Adam Lusekelo writes, satire, and if your daughter of five does not comprehend she can go to hell,after all he was talking to the tanzanians bravoo adam, tell them blah blah and if they get cramp allow them to swallow their own pill 'stupidity'

Anonymous said...

pole Klaudia na hutaelewa hataaaaa ukipewa twishen ya mwezi mzima!!hio ndo lugha nyingine ya 'ndani' uandishi!!hujawahi kusoma makala zenye uandishi wa design hii? pole, lol

Anonymous said...

Klaudi, the problem is you.What dont you understand?.The article is well written.The writer used grammar not grammer as you are suggesting.

Anonymous said...

You couldnt undestand the article???Do you understand it now???I think you meant you dont understand the article.Learn basic English before trying to read articles in nwespapers.

Anonymous said...

This is Lusekelo's style. I love it. Have you heard something called humour and swahili slang? Lusekelo has the best english grammar depending on what audience he is targeting. Do you speak swahili as all Klaudia? If not then you will not understand this well loved Tanzanian columnist.

Chemi Che-Mponda said...

Anonymous of 1:31am, there is no need to insult a five year child. Makes no sense as the kid wouldn't understand but would just call you a 'mean ogre'.

Klaudia, the fact that your five year old could read the article is amazing and should be commended but we don't expect her to understand the content.

My friend Adamu Lusekelo has been very popular especially for his unique writing style and humour since the early 1980's. I remember at one time his articles had to be approved by the ministry and higher in order to make it to the pages of Sunday News. In fact some of his greatest articles from then weren't even published because they deemed 'too controversial'.

Anonymous said...

In Tanzania, Zanzibar is a country within the 'union government'. However, when it comes to international level, Zanzibar is part of the United Republic of Tanzania, FULL STOP!

Anonymous said...

Klaudia do you know anything about Tanzania? If not I appreciate the fact that you will not understand Lusekelo. The article is for the Tanzanian audience and others who are aware of the issues of the Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar.

Anonymous said...

Makubwa Klaudia na mwanao!!
So if you did not understand, did you expect your kid to surpass your inability to understand? then you must have a genius kid who could understand what you could not!! ha ha ha

And is it my five years old or my five-year-old daughter? mwee hivi vi inglish saingine tabu tuu. english ya kitabuni shosty tofauti na ya kuzungumza.

We love Adam and that's our Adam and our way of discussing issues. Be assured that we understood him KUPITA KIASI!

I thought also that you should have spoken to a few people before asking for our help to answer your daughter ( no name)..

Btw , is is .....Please help me to answer her and advice TZ prominet reporters ...." or advise jamani?

With my St. Government english I used and still think that advise is a noun and advise a verb!

ha ha ha

Miss Undefined Nyota

Anonymous said...

Swali langu ni kwa Adam.Hiyo article ya Union amewahi kuiona kwa macho na kama mtu anataka kujua ipo inawekwa wapi.Tunajua muungano ulikuwa umeandaliwa na Nyerere na Karume na Baadae Karume alijua kuwa ni makosa.Watu wa Zanzibar hawakuulizwa hata kidogo.Na ifanywe kura ya maoni watu waamue.Wenye kutaka nchi yao wapewe na ziwe nchi mbili taufauti.Watu wa zanzibar wanajua kabisa kuna matatizo kwenye muungano.Ahsante.

Anonymous said...

Nakubaliano na Adam! Tena si maoni ya watu wa Zenj tu bali na sisi bara pia, lazima yawe final and conclusive!

Binafsi sioni umuhimu wa huu Muungano! Na huu mkanganyiko unakuwepo kwa sababu misingi ya huu muungano wenyewe umekuwa wa kisiri mno! Ulikua ni wa kisiasa zaidi wakati unaanzishwa! The reality is kila pande bara na visiwani zimeshakuwa na political maturity, hivyo sioni kwa nini huu muungano uwepo!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your replies. They all made a bit of sence if no sence at all. English remains English. If you are an English reporter, Report in English, not in Swanglish. When English was invented, it was invented to be spoken and written as it is, not to be mixed and made local.

And Mr whoevere you are.... it should be 5 years old, not 5 year old. You must have attended a Swanglish class for your A level.

If you are reporting in English, that means you are targeting all english speaking audience, otherwise if you want to target only Bongo people, try writing in Swahili, and Please DONT MIX IT WITH SPANISH, OTHERWISE IT WONT BE SWAHILI.

Nimimi Klaudia

Anonymous said...

Bi Klaudia

Chemi kakupa source ya article. Daily News, Tanzania. Sisi wabongo tunamuelewa uzuri Lusekelo wetu.And we love our Swanglish kama Nigerians or Jamaicans with their Creole(!) etc. Oh come on just relax and enjoy something different!! Or Bi Claudia hukuunderstand hii swanglish yangu?

Anonymous said...

Klaudia nampa pole mwanao kujifunza english ya Marekani. Adamu Lusekelo atumia lugha fasaha ya fani yake. Na watu wengi kama yeye wanatumia sana kiingereza cha uingereza na sio cha Marekani.

United Kingdom