Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ndege imeanguka Congo (Hewa Bora Airways)

Habari kutoka CNN zinasema kuwa ndege imeaguka Congo na watu 78 wamekufa.

Nitakuwa na habari zaidi baadaye!


CNN) -- A plane crashed Tuesday in a northeastern province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, killing 78 people on board, a foreign ministry spokesman said.

The Hewa Bora Airways flight was heading from the eastern city of Goma to the capital, Kinshasa, when it crashed in North Kivu province near the Rwandan border, spokesman Antoine Ghonda said.

Hewa Bora Airways is based in Kinshasa.

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

The EU has banned Hewa Bora Airways from its skies citing safety standards. The airlines was previously allowed to operate a single aircraft under a special arrangement, but this operating permission has been withdrawn.
Kwa habari zaidi ya Ban soma:
CNN) -- A plane crashed Tuesday shortly after taking off from the Goma airport in the Democratic Republic of Congo, killing 83 passengers and crew on board, a foreign ministry spokesman said.

The Hewa Bora Airways DC-9 was heading from the city of Goma in the eastern mountains to the central city of Kisangani when it plummeted into a neighborhood near the runway, spokesman Antoine Ghonda said.

The plane went down shortly after 3 p.m. (9 a.m. ET) and was still on fire an hour later, U.N. spokesman Kemal Saiki said in Goma.

The United Nations and Red Cross are helping with the rescue effort, which is hampered by the "basic, if nonexistent" equipment in the impoverished country, Saiki said.

Hewa Bora Airways is a private Congolese airline that aviation authorities in Belgium recently suspended for safety violations, said foreign ministry spokesman Antoine Ghonda. The airline is based in the capital, Kinshasa.

Before its suspension, Hewa Bora had operated a weekly flight to Belgium, Ghonda said.
Congolese authorities had not suspended the airline. "I'm quite sure they're going" to after this week's crash, Ghonda added.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly Zaire, has a dismal aviation record. There have been 10 plane crashes there since February 2007, resulting in 76 deaths, according to the Aviation Safety Network.

Ghonda said the cause of Tuesday's crash is under investigation but initial indications point to an overloaded cabin. He said weather was not a factor.

Saiki said air travel is one of the few ways to get around the Congo.

"This is the third-largest country in Africa, as big as Western Europe, and yet you don't even have 2,000 miles of roads," Saiki said. "So basically most of the transportation in such a big country is done by air."


Anonymous said...

Hivi Africa kuna usalama wa ndege kweli? Ukipanada ndege huko ni roho mkononi!

Anonymous said...

Eh bwana ni kweli hizo ndege zinakuwa overloaded. Watu wanahonga na mizigo inapangwa mle bila mipangilio! Lazima ianguke !