Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Article aliyoandika Mzee Obama 1965

Barack Obama na baba yake mzazi

WaMarekani hawana dogo. Sasa wanamchambua baba yake mzazi Barack Obama, marehemu Mzee Barak H. Obama ambaye alifariki dunia kwa ajali ya gari 1982 huko Kenya. Obama mwenyewe hakumjua maana baba yake aliachana na mama yake Obama alivyokuwa mdogo kabisa.
Mzee Obama aliandika article kuhusu Ujamaa. Sasa kuna watu wanadai kuwa na Obama anataka kugeuza Marekani kuwa nchi ya kijamaa. Jamani dunia hii!

Article inaitwa, 'Problems facing Our Socialism' na ilitoka kwenye East African Journal 1965.

Ukitaka kusoma Article enyewe Bofya Hapa:


Anonymous said...

"...what is more important is to find means by which we can redistribute our economic
gains to the benefit of all and at the same time be able to channel some of these gains to future productions..." Barak H Obama

Anonymous said...

Mzee Obama alikuwa na INSIGHT! Si mchezo!

Anonymous said...

Apparently, this is the country which treat everyone as an individual.

Anonymous said...

"...redistribute our economic
gains to the benefit of all..., does not necessaritly and inevitably spell"SOCIALISM"; it should not be construed out of context as to subtly imply the unthinkable.

The ideologically bankrupt, wake up! Stop conscripting whatever Obama says and portray him as being "vacuously less patriotic"!

What you quoted above is the perverse naval of the Democratic Party, as a liberal political bearer!

Anonymous said...

Mzee alikuwa na maono ndio maana mtoto wake amefika mbali, angelikuwa yu hai sijui ingekuwaje maana wamarekani walivyo hamnazo hata angekohoa wangesema katukoholea. Who do they think they are? Stupid! Bunch of people who dont know how to appreciate what God has given them. I pray to God one day just for a single day they wake up in the morning and find the whole America has turned into rural remote Africa, nothing al all, just vumbi and them and thatched houses! Please God just do that for one day only, maybe Americans will learn to appreciate your blessings!

Anonymous said...

Asante sana kwa ku-post hii article.