Friday, April 04, 2008

Review of Bongoland II - Minneapolis Star Tribune

BONGOLAND II - The movie review - StarTribune - April 4th, 2008

The following is a movie review written by MEGAN KADRMAS from The StarTribune - Friday April 4th - After she reviewed the movie. (Page F11)

Plymouth based filmmaker Josiah Kibira releases his third attempt Saturday in a quest to create high quality films in Swahili. "BONGOLAND II" completes an adventure that brought Kibira back to his native country of Tanzania for 36 days of filming.

As a continuation of Kibira's first Swahili-based movie "Bongoland", this sequel follows as main character Juma as he readjusts to life in Tanzania after failing in the United States.

The beauty of "Bongoland II" arises in its misleading simplicity. Although it could be said that the film tracks Juma's adaptation, it uses larger issues to highlight the ways in which Juma is not - and may never be - fully readjusted.

From family secrets to workplace drama, reconnecting with friends to waiting for his girlfriend, it becomes clear that Juma might not fully reclaim who he once was.

Tanzania serves as a complementary backdrop, with its own mixture of basic starkness and complex beauty. Inside cinder block shanties and pristine swaths of beach, Juma learns that leaving home is sometimes easier than returning home.

Megan Kadrmas


Anonymous said...

Inaelekea ni sinema nzuri. Maana huyo critic ni mkali.

Anonymous said...

Natoa pongezi kwa Kibira na walioshiriki wote kwenye sinema ya Bongoland II. Nimeona leo mchana. Hii ni quality siema hasa! Watengeneza sinema wajifunze kutoka kwa Kibira. Sasa mpeleke Bongo watu waione.