Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jambo Forum T-Shirts

April 18, 2008

In regards to: T-Shirts for sale

To All JamboForums:

Hello everyone! I want to let you all know that there will soon be T-Shirts available for sale with our JamboForums logo on them. The T-Shirt is a 100% ring spun 6.1 oz cotton T-shirt that will be available in several different colors. The sizes available will be S-4XL. The colors that we have right now are red, black, white, and charcoal. This is a 100% cotton T-Shirt that is made by Port and Company, a Port Authority brand. The logo will appear on the left chest of the garment and will be in turquoise and white as shown on the web site. We will have the first T-Shirts available for sale starting the first week of May.

Price will be determined shortly. Shipping and handling will vary according to your location. At a later date we will also be offering an Egyptian Cotton Polo and hats with the same logo.

Also we are looking into getting products with less price for our people at home.
You can make your payment through Paypal or send your money order to:

Mohamed Ali
P.O. Box 105973
Jefferson City, MO 65110-5973

We would appreciate your interest and any feedback that you may have. Any suggestions for future products or colors available would be also greatly appreciated.

Any other questions, please direct them to me, I will be more than happy to answer them for you as much as I can.
Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Zinaonekana qaulity. Siyo fulana za Bongo unazifua mara moja halafu zimeharibika. Nitanunua.

Anonymous said...

mmh! hujaziona kwa karibu hazina quality yoyote.
nunua tu kuchangia jf au mapenzi yako kwa jf lakini sio ubora wa tshirt

Anonymous said...

Nunueni mzivalie Dar es Salaam jamani tunataka tuzione zimevaliwa Bongo Daslam ili tuwajuwe Maanony wa JF wasio na majina hehheeeheee!

Anonymous said...

Hiyo Tee inaonekana quality yake bomba, na huyo jamaa Mohamed Ali wa jefferson city sio yule mtoto wa kitanga mwenye maneno mengi, kaanzisha mradi sasa, na akaendeleze kwao makorora kwa ukoo wa mashekhe.

Anonymous said...

Mimi nitanunua. Hebu tuambie bei basi!

Anonymous said...

Hii habari nzuri tajeni bei basi ili tununue,Na kuwe na mpango mzuri wa kuziuza maana wengine tupo New Zealand na tunataka kuzipata hizo T-shirt.Kweli JF Kiboko.